Uttaran Dutta

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina. I am interested in Algebraic Geometry. More specifically, I am interested in the problems at the intersection of Birational Geometry and Derived Categories. I am always open to discussion and willing to explore various areas of Algebraic Geometry and related fields. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to study something together. Here is a link to my CV.

I did my Master's from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali. In my Master's thesis, I studied various Derived Categorical methods in Algebraic Geometry and the Chow-Kunneth decomposition of the motive of an Abelian Variety. Here is a draft of my Master's thesis. Outside of Maths, I enjoy playing and watching soccer, listening to music, and cooking.

Conferences attended: Georgia Algebraic Geometry Symposium 2023

Activities: I) In the Fall of 2023 Sayan (UGA) have arranged a reading group (I will be helping him) on Deformation theory. Here is the webpage. Drop me an email if you want to be a part (one can always sit in).II) In the Fall of 2023 I am arranging a learning seminar on the "New outlook of MMP". Find more on this webpage.

Links: I) Resources for Graduate Students in Mathematics.
II) A guide for Ph.D. candidates in Mathematics.
III) How to get a Ph.D. in Mathematics in a timely fashion.
IV) Examples first.

Teaching: I) Fall 2022: I was a TA for MATH 142 - Calculus II at the University of South Carolina.
II) Spring 2023: I was a TA for MATH 141 - Calculus I at the University of South Carolina.
III) Summer I 2023: I was an instructor of Math 111 - Basic College Mathematics at the University of South Carolina.
IV) Fall 2023: I am an instructor of Math 174 - Discrete Mathematics. Find more on the website.